Little bit of everything! Posted: 28/4/14

I have nothing to concentrate on this post, so I'll talk about lot of stuff shortly.

Mario Kart 8: This game. Super cool. I got to play it for about 15 minutes at E3 2013, and it is freaking stunning. Unfortunately, I do not have a Wii U (nor do I ever plan on getting one) so I won't be reviewing this. Still excited though!

Game Freak's 25th Anniversary: 25 years. Jeez, it's been that long? Anyway, to celebrate this, I spent all day April 26th in a dark room playing every Game Freak game I had (all the pokemans). Congratulations Game Freak, I hope to see some excellent games from you in the future. 

Tomodachi Life: Is that how you spell it? I think so... Anyway, this game, from what I can tell, It's Miis meet Sims. It is very... Japanese. Yet still cool. This will be a 3DS release, but don't expect me to buy it.

New Dragon Quest Game: According to Dragon Quest series creator, Yuji Horii, there is a new Dragon Quest game, XI, in development. I have not played much of this series, but I'm sure some of you will find this interesting.

Saving the best till last: Pokemon X and Y toys are coming to McDonald's! At least in the US. In the UK, were gonna have to scrape by with our Super Mario toys.

Super Smash Bros.! Posted: 23/4/14  3:32pm

A week is too long to wait, I'll post now!

If you do not know about the new Super Smash Bros Games being released for the 3DS and Wii U, God knows what kind of a rock you have being living under for the past few months. These games are BIG! And AWESOME! I watched the Nintendo Direct for it a couple of days ago, and here are some of my thoughts. (Disclaimer! Watch the Nintendo Direct first, then come back. Link at the bottom of the post. If you already had, you are awesome.)

  • The new characters: Yes please. Do want. Mega Man looks badass, and is certainly a fan favorite. I'm glad he's the game, no doubt I will use him sometime or other. Greninja is very cool, and he is my favorite new character. Imagining him being used competitively, I expect him to hit fast and hard, while resistance to hits lacks. Still, it won't matter. By the time you have even thought about attacking, you face is being used to wipe the floor. The Villager doesn't feel like a very impacting character to me. Then again, I have not played much Animal Crossing. I'm sure plenty of you will love him, and his Pocket ability seems foolproof, but I'm not that excited about his introduction.  
  • Differences between versions: I knew it was coming, but I still hate it. While I'm fairly happy with the roster of maps the 3DS version got (which is what I will be playing on), most of the fan favorites are on the Wii U. Which makes no sense, Nintendo must know the 3DS version will sell better, while the Wii U will most likely continue to flop. Why not strengthen an already powerful flame, rather than wasting the potential on a lost cause? It baffles me. To then continue, the 3DS version is coming BEFORE the Wii U version. What!? You give the Wii U measly potential and then demolish it? Why? Why waste it? Ugh, I'm looking too deep into this. Rant over.

Just my opinion, please don't yell at me. Despite some moves that lack sense (unless Nintendo want to work BACKWARDS), I cannot wait for this game. I'll be getting the 3DS version, and I'll post a review about a fortnight-ish later. Until the next post, my friends.

Up and away! 23/4/14

So, I'm posting from a computer, considering my tablet can't do crap on this website. Computers can be limited in my case, so expect weekly/fortnightly updates. But, it will be filled with as much news as possible. So, starting from next week, expect news. (yaaaay)